SAVAN was born from a desire for simplicity and authenticity in the world of cosmetics. We are a company that offers a range of simple, gender-neutral treatments formulated to meet the basic needs of the skin. Our formulas are composed of the best ingredients, whether from plant sources or created in the laboratory, for the best possible compatibility with the skin. They will become your beauty essentials for sure. It goes without saying that nothing is tested on our animal friends!

since 2017

  • Marianne Samson


  • Eric Vanasse


The choice of ingredients

safe and healthy

Because they are controversial, irritating, allergenic or potentially harmful to health, several ingredients commonly used in cosmetics are excluded from SAVAN formulas. Irritants/Allergens/Toxics: Mineral oils, Essential oils, Fragrances and perfumes, Fragrant plant and flower extracts, Citrus extracts and oils, Formaldehydes, Alcohol, Sulphates. Endocrine disruptors: Phthalates and Parabens.

Made in Quebec

in laboratory

To ensure the quality and stability of our products, they are all formulated in the laboratory by professional chemists. The formulation as well as the manufacturing are carried out in the regions of Quebec.

“Life is actually simple, but the human insists on making it complicated. »

- Confucius -