In "clean" mode

We promote a healthy, simple and above all conscientious lifestyle. Conscientious, for us, refers to understanding, learning and developing a critical sense of our consumption habits. Our skin care products are part of this movement. We try to be as simple, honest and transparent as possible. Our ingredient choices are backed by science, not fads, and we have all of our resources here to help you understand what you are using and why you are using it.

Unmistakably healthy ingredients

We are committed to using only healthy ingredients in Savan products (no endocrine disruptors, no fragrances, no carcinogens, non-toxic, etc.). We choose those that are as natural as possible, but for us the top priorities are safety and efficiency. So we've chosen to exclude some popular natural ingredients (essential oils) and include some made in the lab, simply because we're looking for the best. Want to know more about our ingredients? Consult our blacklist ...

Manufacture in Quebec

All Savan products are made entirely in Quebec. This is the best way for us to be present at all stages of the process, as well as a way to support our region. We think our formulas in Quebec, after which they are refined by our team of chemists in Montreal. After having been tested and stabilized in the laboratory, they are manufactured and bottled by hand. Each product is then inspected, labels are affixed and they are ready to be shipped to you, direct from our offices. We try to keep our production as local and human as possible, a guarantee of our quality.


In order to simplify the world of skin care as much as possible and make it more transparent and understandable, we decided to develop products that would be suitable for everyone. Here, there is no question of gender, age or origin, the "pink tax" very little for us! This goes as much through our formulations as our packaging, which is made to please everyone. Our chemists work hard to come up with effective, healthy and simple products that meet the real needs of the skin and not the “false problems” that the industry has created for us. Our products are for men and women, whether young or old, for dry skin, normal skin, oily or combination skin. Because skin is skin, no matter where you come from.