Our Philosophy

Taking time to take care of yourself is important. We all need a moment to recharge, to refocus. With SAVAN we want to offer healthy ways to help you in this direction!

Life is actually simple, but the human insists on making it complicated.

- Confucius

Unquestionably healthy

We promote a healthy, simple and above all conscientious lifestyle. Conscientious, for us, refers to understanding, being informed and developing critical thinking about our consumption habits. Our skincare is part of this movement. Our choice of ingredients is supported by science not fads. We are committed to using only healthy ingredients in Savan products (no endocrine disruptors, no fragrances, no carcinogens, non-toxic, etc.).

Quebec manufacturing

All Savan products are made in Quebec. This is the best way for us to be present at all stages of the process, as well as a way to support our region. We think up our formulas in Quebec, after which they are refined by our team of chemists in Montreal. After being tested and stabilized in the laboratory, they are made and bottled by hand. Each product is then inspected, the labels are affixed and they are ready to be shipped to you, directly from our offices. We seek to keep our production as local and humane as possible, a guarantee of our quality.